Animate Anything
in Discord

Ding Dong... Discord! Animate your 3D models in Discord with our early access Anything Bot. It's so simple that everyone can animate, even your cat - meow!

Everyone can Animate!

Yes, even you! No need to install apps or go through a confusing UI. Our super easy-to-use Discord bot lets you animate your 3D models using AI. Join our Discord channel to bring your 3D creations to life now!

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Use /Animate to animate!

Head over to Discord and type /animate to upload, name and categorise your model and just like that your 3D model will be rigged and animated - thanks to the power of AI!

Animate Now

Use /Find to search!

Looking for 3D models? Check out the /find prompt to search our endless library of 3D assets available to download through our website.

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