Your imagination.
Their voice.
Anything World.

A platform to create worlds powered by voice and populated with anything you can think of - with AI behaviours applied!


Redefine any playing field.


Create voice powered experiences.
Engage your users!

Scour the depths of your team’s imagination to create worlds powered by voice and populated by anything you can think of - with behaviours applied!

Cut your teeth on our technology today. It’s pretty sharp.


Save development time.
Get more shit done!

Integrate voice and text commands in minutes. Harness the power of 3D libraries from Google Poly, Sketchfab & more. Behold the emergent results.

Free up your team to do things they truly love, like making amazing experiences.


Keep calm.
You’re on a trusted platform!

We don’t offer courier services. Still Ubisoft, Nexus Interactive, Rehab and Techstars trust us to consistently deliver for them. You can too!

We guarantee full scalability regardless of demands and 99% uptime!

Words from the creators.

I love making things, building things, creating things, definitely not into resolving already solved problems. With Anything World I’m freeing my time up to do what I’m really good at when it comes to AR and VR.
— Kieran Walsh, Unity Developer
I love playing with this platform, it’s easy and fun. Anything World is a no brainer that allows me to create emergent worlds and explore endless gameplay possibilities.
— GISELLE ARMANDO, Frontend Developer
I have started using Anything World for quick prototyping, mapping out using my voice. Now I want our studio to make a matching game with random 3D objects. That would be perfect for that!
— Tom Hoad, Technical Lead

Anything World partners.

Powered by Anything World.

Emergent Raving Realms!

Rabbids Playground

Rabbids Playground is an Augmented Reality app powered by Anything World™ technologies and developed in collaboration with the Rabbids team at Ubisoft. We are currently prototyping, experimenting and generally building up to what will be something very exciting indeed.

However, much like a nudist who slips on a pair of Speedos for a weekly shopping trip, we can’t reveal much more here without getting in potentially serious trouble.

Sufficed to say that if you’ve ever dreamt of keeping a Rabbid as a pet in an emergent playground in the real world this will be right up your street. Who hasn’t?


Speak To Anything

Speak To Anything is an Augmented Reality app powered by Anything World™ that lets you ask for any creature you can imagine then chat to it. The app has over 1,000 active users which have grown as organically as the grass in the app.

So why not give it a try and better relate to your favourite creature?

Did you know that a dolphins favourite food is crisps?