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April 8, 2024

Anything World Open Source Python Package

With this package, you gain access to the Animate Anything API which allows you to animate effortlessly. Let’s tell you why and how! 👇

We're committed to our community of developers and creators and driven by our mission to be the single solution for all things 3D powered by AI. Building upon the success of our web tool Animate Anything and on our Discord Server, we’ve expanded our toolkit with a Python integration (pretty slithery smooth if you ask us 😉)

Our Python package simplifies the use of our animation and library search APIs making them incredibly user-friendly. As our package handles all the intricate HTTP details behind the scenes it smooths your interaction with our API (told you it was smooth 🐍😉)

With just a simple call to animate() you'll be able to easily send your 3D model through our AI pipeline and get it rigged and animated in no time! Don’t have your own 3D model yet? No worries, you can use the find() function to explore our massive 3D asset library, housing thousands of ready-to-use models.  

Plus! Say goodbye to waiting around! (Yes! You heard right 🤩). Why wait around for your animations to finish? Our long-polling design lets you check the status of your 3D model’s animation progress without interrupting your workflow. Pretty effortless right? 😎

This sounds amazing! So how do I use it?

Yes, we thought you might be wondering about that. Let’s get straight into it!

  1. You'll need to obtain a valid Anything World API key. To do so, you will need to create an account on our website and then visit your profile page to get access to your API key.
  2.  Make sure you prepare your 3D models correctly before you send them off for animation! Read our guidelines to give them the best shot at success and check out this YouTube video on how to properly rotate your model before uploading 😎
  3. Install the package! (It's super easy):

pip install anything-world

Now you just have to set some environment variables. We recommend that you create a .env file in your local folder with the following content, pasting your API key in the placeholder below:




Import our package and start using it:

from anything_world.sync_api import AWClient

# Create a client to be able to query Anything World's API

client = AWClient()

# Search for 3D models of `cats`:

response = client.find('cats')

# Upload files from ./examples/cat folder to be animated

response = client.animate('./examples/cat', 'some_cat', 'cat', is_symmetric=True)

# Response has the model_id of the 3D model that our AI pipeline is currently animating

model_id = response["model_id"]

# Runs a long-polling loop, starting it only after 2 minutes and after that,

# checking every 5 secs if the API is done animating the model

model_data = client.get_animated_model(model_id, waiting_time=5, warmup_time=120)

# Check if our AI pipeline is done animating the model

is_finished = client.is_animation_done(model_id)

assert is_finished == True

# Gets all model data

model_data = client.get_model(model_id)

You'll find the source code of the package, together with other examples and tests, in our GitHub repository: 

Oh, and there's more…

For terminal users, we also provide our anything CLI tool that can be used to animate any 3D model directly from your console (Now, we’re talking 😎)!

Install the package from your console using PIP and search our asset library for 3D models. For example, you can use the following demand to find models tagged as ‘’cat’’: 

​​anything find "cat"

Or use the following command to animate a 3D model from your local folder:

anything animate ./examples/cat "some cat" "cat" --is_symmetric

The command above will generate a model ID that you can use in the next command to download your animated model! 

anything get_animated_model <MODEL_ID> --verbose

And there you have it! Your animated models are all set to go! Easy peasy, right?!

We are super excited to see the magic Python developers will create with this package! If you’re working on projects or have any cool ideas brewing with Animate Anything, don’t hesitate to share them with us on our Discord server, Twitter or Linkedin! 

This sounds awesome, but I’m not a Python Developer…

No worries! You can still use our Web API with any code language you want! Be sure to take a peek at our API documentation. We're always broadening our toolset for other languages and frameworks!💚

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