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March 26, 2024

GDC 2024: A recap

What an incredible whirlwind of a week it has been at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). For some of us, it was our first time attending the event, while for others, it was a familiar and equally awesome experience. Throughout the week, we had the pleasure of connecting with fellow industry professionals and showcasing our products through many (and we mean MANY) product demos! 

Don’t worry if you missed out on experiencing our demo at GDC - you can still book one here to witness the excitement firsthand or stay tuned for a tour of our famous virtual Anything World expo hall.


The Journey to GDC

Being a company with a hybrid working style, our team embarked on the journey to GDC from both London and Athens, assembling our powerhouse team for the event. Hailing from our London office, our CEO Gordon took the lead, equipped with an impressive record-breaking array of suitcases, a staggering total of 7! Curious to see how we navigated our way to GDC? We made a pretty entertaining Tik Tok video documenting the adventure. 

Setting up the Booth

In preparation for the GDC Expo that started Wednesday, we dedicated our time to setting up our booth. Watch the transformation in our timelapse video, capturing all the hustle and bustle! 😎 

And who could forget our beloved Globy? We made sure he was prominently displayed for all to see, making our booth an unmistakable landmark amidst the GDC chaos. In one of our recent videos, find out just how unmissable our booth was and how to spot us in a crowd! 

During the Expo

Throughout the exhibition, we had the pleasure of meeting countless industry buffs, showcasing our tech through immersive product demos, and of course, welcoming many new members to our vibrant Discord community. 

But that’s not all, we also had exclusive merch for the lucky ones who tagged us on social media, along with the most neon stickers around. In fact, it’s an Anything World tradition to sticker our way through cities (🤫 don’t tell anyone!), so don’t be surprised if stumble upon one of our stickers anywhere in the world! Do send us a picture if you spot one. 

With our dynamic trio - Gordon, Leo and Brooks - leading the charge, we embraced every moment with enthusiasm! Leo, who was visiting GDC for the first time, felt that GDC provided an ample of opportunities for meaningful connections and discussions. She had the pleasure of engaging with other women in tech, a refreshing wind amidst the busy conference. It certainly was a week filled with unforgettable experiences.  

Fueling up for Success:

Of course, amidst the excitement we made sure to recharge with some delicious noodles - a cherished tradition and moment to remember during the hectic days of GDC. A well-deserved dinner break for the team. 

We also took a hike around Land End trail by the beach. It was absolutely beautiful! 

And we couldn’t forget the Golden Gate Bridge! It steels our hearts every time 😉💚🤩

Funny Face 1 😄
Funny Face 2 😄
Key takeaways 

Our time at GDC has been nothing short of amazing, leaving us with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for what lies ahead. Here are our 3 key takeaways from our journey at GDC: 

Demand for animation services

It’s become increasingly evident that there’s a burgeoning demand for animation services within the Gen AI 3D landscape. The enthusiasm surrounding our product at GDC underscores the need and excitement for animation services tailored to Gen AI 3D companies. We can’t wait to keep riding this wave of innovation and collaboration with our industry pals!

Positive reception of our AI tools 

We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our AI tools. Despite the lingering apprehension surrounding AI, people genuinely appreciated the value our work brought to the table! We are fully dedicated to ethical AI and respect the rights of the authors and artists of original 3D models. We’re here to speed up your workflows using AI and the community saw the power of Anything World. 

Meaningful connections

As well as the professional insights gained, we loved connecting with fellow women in tech. Their presence served as a beacon of inspiration amidst the bustling conference, reminding us of the importance of diversity and inclusion within the industry. 

Our trip to GDC has been amazing, great and just awesome! As we return to our daily lives with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, we’re more determined than ever to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in 3D animation and game development. Here’s to the exciting chapters ahead of us! 

As we say goodbye to GDC 2024, we carry with us cherished memories, newfound insights, and a renewed sense of passion for the limitless possibilities ahead in the world of gaming and tech. Until next time, GDC - thank you for a seriously awesome time! 

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